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30 November 2010 @ 11:01 am

the sea and curry
Ohno Satoshi / Kuroki Meisa
Fluff. PG

She usually meets him after his fishing trips, when his skin is still warm from the sun and stings just a little bit. They lead down to a familiar family restaurant to eat dinner, he prefers eating curry, and she likes watching him eat.

They rarely talk all the while back to his apartment, hands clasped together, almost never letting go. She sees people pass by them, whispering, shooting glances towards their direction, but he pulls her closer to him and she gets a whiff of his perfume, mixed with sweat, and that distinct tangy smell of being out in the sun for too long. Sometimes she thinks that being out in the sun might not be too bad at all.

He lets her in first inside, where an extra pair of soft and fuzzy slippers awaits for her in the doorway. She hears him lock the door as she waits for him in the living room. He approaches her with light footsteps, barely making a sound against the wooden floors. He leans to her just a little and asks her if she wants to stay for the night. His breath hitches when she tells him she can't, her heart breaking into pieces as a sigh escapes his lips.

They stay like that for a moment, just sitting quietly on his plush sofa. His hands making tiny circles on her palm, sending tingles up her spine. She relaxes to his touches, obviously wanting more, so they meet in a kiss. His soft lips caressing her own, and she finds herself not wanting to stop and wanting more than he gives her now. She pushes him to lie down, grabbing a fistful of his shirt, while he runs his hands on her arms and back, trying to reach as much as his hands can.

Then they stop. It's time for her to go, her filming schedule can only allow so much luxury for now. He disappears into a room to get a jacket, and hands it to her. She looks at him and sees him, all of him, and she feels safe, warm, and loved. They were standing in the doorway again when she lets "I love you" roll out of her tongue, and he barely manages to catch it. But makes up for it when he kisses her again before she bids him goodnight.